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What are Instagram Engagement Pods?

Instagram engagement pods (or Instagram engagement groups) are groups of people on Instagram who agree to comment on, Like, and generally engage with every post uploaded by a group member.


Finding, joining, and managing your Instagram pod day-after-day, however, can get extremely tiring and almost impossible. And if not everyone is on the ball or your group is full of leechers, you risk putting in the effort to comment and Like on dozens of posts without receiving equal engagement back.



When you post, your content is being (automatically) liked by other people in the Pod which will increase the possibility of your content appearing in the explore feed and seen by other non-followers (SEE VIDEO REPORT BELOW).


REQUIREMENTS: Your account must meet all these requirements before it is approved to join the "Like" Pod.
1. Business account
2. Minimum of 1 post daily (with at least 3-hour interval between posts)
3. Minimum of 5,000 followers
4. High quality posts
5. Good engagement on posts


NOTE: You'll receive at least 20 likes per post from high quality accounts. You will also receive likes on a maximum of 3 posts daily. This means that your first 3 posts will get a minimum of 20 likes each day.

Your account must meet all the requirements above in order to be accepted into the Pod. Once approved, you will be contacted via email within 48 hours.

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